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What is a Clutch Co Box? And which is best for me

Our plastic is our entry level box. If you are looking for a present, our plastic Clutch Co Box is a great option! The plastic boxes unfortunately require a lot of maintenance and are prone to stiffening when opening and closing in comparison to metal. They do come with a life span and that lifespan is up to you, and how it is cared for.. Our plastic Clutch Co Boxes will not spill anything you choose to store inside, and we back that up with a money back guarantee.
Our Metal Boxes are such a jump up in quality and performance, from our plastic. All are made out of high quality aluminium, with a magnificent anodised finish. They come with the option of your own text, or image engraved. These require less maintenance, and with a bit of care should live longer than yourself. These boxes along with all boxes will not spill anything you choose to store inside, and we back that up with a money back guarantee.
Crocodile | Python | Lizard
These are our next step up, from our Metal Clutch Co Boxes, giving you the option to really stand out from the crowd. These have the same features as our Metal Clutch Co Box, with a genuine skin or gold of your choice. All boxes are guaranteed to not spill another outside of its storage compartments.
What is a Clutch Co box?
Our Clutch Co decorative boxes can be used for a variety of things. There is no sole purpose for them other than a convenient, fashionable modern storage box. The patent and GS1 verification legally category, is a storage container. If you would like to find out more click here. Our custom engraving option, allows you to either get an image or quote for a loved one, logo, or something sentimental engraved on there. We are every day still finding new uses for our Clutch Co Boxes. The original idea came from snuff tobacco which dates back to the 17th century. See below for some history on the story about snuff. HOWEVER, this is only one possible way it could be utilised. As mentioned and with your creative mind, its purpose it very broad.
More History of the Decorative Box
Faberge snuff box
A Fabergé silver-gilt and enamel vesta case, workmaster Anna Ringe, St Petersburg, 1904-1908
The story of snuff tobacco began early in the 17th century. One of the famous artists was  Peter Carl Fabergé , who in his time made many tobacco boxes, which were intended primarily for prestigious gifts in the area of England and Russia.

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