Shipping/Dispatch & delivery policy

Wrong address/address change

Address change is possible if we are notified before your order has been dispatched.
However, once your order has been dispatched, a change of address may unfortunately attract an additional fee, which will depend on the shipping method you have chosen.
Please check over your delivery address twice, before clicking purchase. If your purchase has already been dispatched, see the following fee options below:

Australia Post international orders: Unfortunately we are unable to change address after dispatch. We can put a request through Australia Post however, we have found this to generally not work. The best approach to changing your address is to watch your tracking closely, which you can find in your confirmation email from us. (If you are unable to see this, please get in contact with us). You will see the exact postal Courier that Australia Post partners with, in your country, and contact them once your order has been handed over from Australia Post. You will be able to organize with them directly, as this process can only be done by the receiver of the parcel. This method should not attract an additional fee.

Australia Post Domestic: orders are possible to redirect however, depending on how soon we are able to get in contact with Australia Post, and their willingness to help determines if the process will be successful or not. Typically you have a few days to put in a formal request to return to us, however, this is not always guaranteed. Therefore, you must notify a change of address immediately, to avoid your order being delivered to the address provided by you at checkout. We are not liable for any wrong addresses being input by customers, or change of mind AFTER dispatched. We will however give you the best service we can possibly provide and work with you as much as we possibly can.

If the customer has not collected their package from the post office within the allowable timeframe, and the parcel has been returned to us, we can reship it at the buyer’s cost. Please get in contact with us via email at and we will resolve this for you as best we can. If your product/products have been custom engraved, we will not be able to issue a refund. And if a refund is requested instead of a reship, any shipping/import tax fees charged to us will be deducted from the final refund amount.

If customs/border require any information, forms, or anything of the kind, please contact us if you need assistance and we will guide you through the process or try to work through it ourselves on your behalf. If we are only notified with 72 hours or less to resolve this and we are unable to resolve it due to the time frame, and the item is returned back to us, we will not be liable to provide any refunds as this will cost us shipping both to you and for a return shipping back to us, also with an extra fee.

Please check over your order’s shipping address carefully before checking out, as we cannot be liable for you inputting an incorrect address, and your order being lost. A refund will not be provided if this case. We will do our best to retrieve your package and resolve the issue in the fairest way possible, however, if the package is not retrievable we will not be held liable.

Late or missing shipments

If you haven’t received your tracking or an update regarding your order, email us here:

You can also contact your local shipping company via phone which will be the quickest and most effective way for you to get an answer. If this method is undertaken, please make sure to get a case number or reference number for us to provide to Australia Post to speed up the process.

Contact us at for any further questions related to refunds, returns, and shipping.